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Marine Formulations

Original & Innovative marine creative cosmetics : Our products categories are Authentic Thalassotherapy, Metamorphos textures, Molecular and Emotive cosmetics offering novel textures and delivery platforms for better customer experience.

We offer marine , natural , organic ECOCERT professional skin care formulations (paraben free) as per EU compliance in bulk as well in private label service . These products are marketed & experienced by leading brands across the globe in more than 45 countries for professional skin , spa & home spa segment, we can customise the formulations as per customer needs.

Peel off masks …. Face


Whitening – Skin Lightening - White
Woman’s Bliss – Glow & Radiance – Light Pink
Mild - Anti-Acne – Light Green
Acerola – Vit. C – Light Orange
Firming – Skin Tightening – White turns to Green
Revitalizing – Radiance - white
Moisturizing – hydrating – white
Cocoa – Cocoa – Rejuvenating
Eye Contour - Under Eye
Charcoal – Detox – Dark grey
Crono Chrome - Anti-Ageing - Colour Changing

Oily - Pastes

Comfort - Oily Skin
Urgency - Soothing
Plumping - Active Charcoal


Peel off Body Wraps

Cryoactive Peel-Off Body Wrap
Slimming Peel-Off Body Wrap
Firming Peel-Off Body Wrap

Emotive cosmetics…. Novel Textrue…. Face & Body

Calming Mousse Mask
Coolness Mousse Mask
Anti-Ageing Mousse Mask
Luminous Mousse Mask
Sorbet Mousse Mask
Massage Mousse Mask


Molecular cosmetics - Face & Body

Face Care Caviar
Firming - Gold
Anti-Ageing - Pearly white
Whitening - Mat white
Detox - Pearly black

Scrub Caviar - Face & Body
BODY SCRUB CAVIAR - with hazelnut shell
Pink with polycaprolactone
Purple with fig seed
Grey mineral with volcanic rock and pumice
Black detox with active charcoal and menthol


Exfoliation …. Face & Body

Radiance Scrub - Face
Marine Exfoliating Lotion with Sea Salts – Body
Polynesian Peeling – Powder – Body

Massage …. Face & Body

Enzymatic Massage Wax – Face & Body
Argan oil – 100% pure – Body & Hair
Face Modeling Cream - Face

Rinse off - THALASSOTHERAPY ….Face & Body

Self Heating Body Wrap – Detox
Fortified Marine Mud – Detox
Coconut Body Wrap – Skin Lightening


Pre-formulated stable bases - just add colour, active, perfume of your choice

Cream Base
Lotion Base
Body Butter Base
Liquid Concentrate
Shower gel base
Shampoo base
Conditioner base

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